The Last Minutes - Se Tunim Sta Leht

  1. Plagenwatz/ Ticket Machine
  2. Bronsky Dub
  3. Tekknokill a7
  4. Something Is Wrong
  5. Theme/ Plagenwatz
  6. Deepest Sleep
  7. Using Midid Destroyed My Life
  8. Where Are My Fucking Car Keys
  9. Tekknokill a7
  1. Death Is ...
  2. Untitled
  3. Wall Deepest Sleep

(2009 E.R.P.# 1)

"Se Tunim Sta Leht" is the first official release from Zürich based duo "The Last Minutes". This release is 100% d.i.y., meaning that everything from the music, to the recording, photos, lyrics, printing, layout, distribution etc. was done in whole by Homebum and Monotonekro.
Tracks 1-4 are a bulk excerpt of The Last Minutes's first live show at Binz, Zürich in the begining of 2006. Track 5 was recorded live in Basel, Switzerland on July 30, 2006. Tracks 6-9 on the album were recorded live at the SIDI squat in Winterthur, Switzerland, August 25, 2006. The last 3 tracks were put together in the studio during the end of October, 2006.