Little Boy Blue - Banned From Apgar

  1. Beasts of Burden
  2. Talkin' Little Boy Blues
  3. Garbage
  4. Plastic Jesus
  5. I Heart My Black Hoodie
  6. Tommy Ryan
  7. Evan Eleven's Lesson
  8. The Patriot Act Song
  9. Orange
  10. To the Beggin I Will Go
  11. Earth to Washington
  12. Robin Hood Redux
  13. Anarcho-Pyrates from Hell
  14. The Signs of the Times
Little Boy Blue - Banned From Apgar CD (E.R.P. 2)
(2010 E.R.P.# 2)

"Banned from Apgar" was a long time coming, but the wait was well worth it.

Singer-songwriter Little Boy Blue mixes classic folk and super-charged punk, then throws in some rock, country, ska and metal to create a fine example of the current folk-punk genre heard across pirate-radio airwaves.

In his follow-up to the incendiary, all-acoustic debut "The Day that Bush was Shot in the Head (and Other Love Songs)", Little Boy Blue returns with the new album "Banned from Apgar". On half the tracks he retains his acoustic folk roots, reprising his talking blues with "Talkin' Little Boy Blue's New Blues" and fiddling along with "To the Beggin' I Will Go". On the other tracks he boldly steps into the persona of an anarchist punk rocker with songs such as the hard-driving "Garbage" and "Beasts of Burden" and the slow-building crescendo of "Anarcho-Pyrates from Hell". LBB mixes new, original songs as well as cover songs from Pete Seeger, Roger Miller, Tom Waits and the Irish folk-punk band Lynched.

Steeped in the tradition of '60's protest songs and current activist folk, as well as the hard-edged punk and metal from the Bay Area Gilman scene, Little Boy Blue has enlisted an excellent band on his second release: Brian Hamilton, famous for his hard-hitting drums with Bay Area punk kings Fleshies. Rawbnoxious Robbie supplies the steady basslines from his experience with bands like the Twots, the Lincolns and the Scurvy Bastards. Dan Sherry Dan brings his killer guitar leads from his Iron Maiden tribute band, I Yearn 4 Maiden. Julia Klems and Tim Sandberg, from two of the best Bay Area folk-punk bands Thee HoboGobbellins and The Fucking Buckaroos, add fiddle and banjo respectively.

Fans of acoustic folk-punk as well as anarchist political punk should be sure to check this release out - Recorded at Sugar Mountain Studios by Brian Hamilton.